Before you pledge, you need to buy Golden Pearl Coins (GPC) from the app store with equivalent value of 10% of amount to be pHed. For example; If you want to pledge GH₵ 100, you need 100GPC (10ghc), GH₵ 200 you need 200GPC (20ghc) etc. The coins system differentiates Golden Pearl from other P2Ps.


Acquire Golden Pearl Coins(GPC)

GPC gives you the eligibility to make pledges. Head to the store to purchase your gpc now.


Make a pledge.

Your peer match(s) will be indicated in your profile. Make your payment immediately.


Maturity date is due!.

The peer(s) who are to make payment(s) to you will be right in your profile. The countdown for their payment sets of as soon as their matched to you.